Massage chair and kidney tumor rupture

Massage chair and kidney tumor rupture

A 57-year-old woman of Taichung works everyday standing up chopping up ducks for her food stall.

Every night, she soaks in the bathtub and then sits in her massage chair for one or two massage sessions, each lasting 20 minutes.

One day she went shopping and felt a sharp pain in her abdomen.  She fell down, rested for a while, and took herself to the hospital emergency room.  The doctors found that she had two fatty tumors in her kidney.  One fatty tumor was 8 cm long and the other was 4 cm long.  The doctors found that the tumors had ruptured and there was internal bleeding.  The doctors also said that severe shaking of the body and severe vibration of the body caused the tumors to rupture and the rupture led to internal bleeding.  Apparently, the tumors grew because of the rich supply of blood provided by the blood vessels of the kidney.



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