Taiwan has 110,182 foreign students

Taiwan has 110,182 foreign students

Taiwan has 110,182 foreign students from all over the world attending colleges, universities and technical and vocational training institutions.  They constitute 8.27% of the total college and university level student body.  For the 2015 school year, the number of foreign students in Taiwan increased by 16,537.  The goal is to attract 150,000 foreign students to study in Taiwan by 2021.

In 2014, there were 93,645 foreign students studying in Taiwan.  The increase in the number of foreign students from the 93,645 foreign students studying in Taiwan in 2014 to 110,182 in 2015 was 16,537 new foreign students or an increase of 17.66%.

In 2015, 42% of the total of 110,182 or 46,523 foreign students were pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees, showing an increase of 6,445 such foreign students from 2014.  For example, there were 14,946 Malaysian students who were pursuing undergraduate degrees in Taiwan in 2015.

[Master Chen Says]  If we subtract the number of foreign students pursing undergraduate and graduate degrees in Taiwan from the total, i.e., 110,182 – 46,523 = 63,659 foreign students who were not pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees.  This means that in 2015, there were 63,659 foreigners who were studying in non-degree programs such as Chinese language studies and vocational and technical training programs.  They constitute, by calculation, 57.776% of all foreign students studying in Taiwan in 2015.

Recently, students from India, Indonesia, and Myanmar have come to Taiwan to pursue their college and university education.  Compared to 2014, the number of foreign students in Taiwan in 2015 increased by 17.66%.  The top five countries with the most number of students studying in Taiwan are Malaysia, the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, and Vietnam.  Many foreign students also come from Western European countries, eastern European countries, the US and Canada.

The ministry of education announced on January 29, 2016, that it will grant permission on a special case basis to any university that wishes to recruit more than the legal quota of foreign students.  The current legal quota is that the number of foreign students must not surpass 10% of the local student body.  A meeting was held to discuss the current quota.  President of the National Central University Zhou Ching-yang wants the quota to be increased to 30%.  President of the Chinese Culture University Yang Min-ling wants the quota to be raised to 20%.

An international campaign to recruit foreign students to study in Taiwan has been going on for the past several years.

[Master Chen Says]  As I have said, I encourage those who want to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies in a free, democratic and peaceful environment and society to go to Taiwan to study.  There are at least 6 graduate school classes that have not been able to recruit any students.  This is indeed a good opportunity for those who want to get their Ph.D. in graduate studies to do so in Taiwan.

I also encourage those now in refugee camps who want a future to go to Taiwan as students.  As the Taiwan Red Cross has proven in the Jordanian refugee camp, education is the only avenue towards hope and a bright future.



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