Are street protests the only way to express rationality?

Are street protests the only way to express rationality?

Some 5,200 European steel workers went into the streets to protest.  They want to stop  cheap Chinese mainland imports, and they want to deny granting the Chinese Communist mainland “market economy status”.

They want to stop dumping and they truthfully point out that the Chinese Communist mainland is not a market economy.

Trading with the Chinese Communist mainland has indeed been devastating to the Spanish and Italian shoe industry, the European steel industry, and it has had a negative impact on external trade of South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Australia.

Hong Kong’s Umbrella revolution, its “fish ball revolution”, Taiwan’s Sunflower Student protest, the anti-Chinese riots in Vietnam and in Malaysia are all protests against the Chinese Communist mainland’s aggressive intrusion and bellicosity.

And yet, the world’s governments seem to continue to want to kowtow to the irrational demands of the damn Chinese Communist regime!


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