Insidious proposal

Insidious proposal

The Hong Kong education bureau has proposed inserting simplified Chinese characters in elementary school textbooks to “strengthen national identification” with the Chinese Communist mainland.

The proposal has met with protests.  The insidiousness of the proposal is its political intention to adulterate the superior classical Chinese character writing system that the people of Hong Kong use by injecting inferior simplified Chinese characters into Hong Kong’s elementary school textbooks.

The protesters point out that classical Chinese characters preserve Chinese cultural continuity.  The simplified Chinese characters were created politically as an artificial writing system that has destroyed this continuity.  For example, the classical Chinese character for “love” is “ai”.  It is written with a “heart” (xin) radical within it.  The simplified Chinese character does not have the radical within it because it was purposely taken out by the people who created the simplified characters based on political considerations.  The political philosophy of the Chinese Communist regime is Marxist materialism.

Rationality, reasoning, and the truth often fail when confronted by irrationality, unreasonable and radical dogma and lies.

Dogma does not allow autochthony.  Dogma does not allow transition and transformation.  The establishment of autochthonism has often required bloody revolution to overthrow heterochthonous oppression.



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