Smoking menace of Chinese mainland tourists

Smoking menace of Chinese mainland tourists

From February 7 to February 13, 2016, 155,000 Chinese mainland tourists visited South Korea, mostly going to Seoul.  However, the local Korean authorities are complaining about illegal smoking by the Chinese mainland tourists.  They smoke where prohibited, especially at major tourist attractions and on the two temple grounds.  The Koreans tried to tell them not to smoke where prohibited but they are frustrated by the arrogance of the Chinese mainland tourists who ignore the warnings and continue to smoke where prohibited.

The smoking menace of the Chinese mainland tourists also has frustrated Japanese authorities in Kyoto.

I say, ban all smoking Chinese mainland tourists from all countries.  They are the source of smoke pollution, trash pollution, dirty feet pollution, and pee pollution in Seoul and Jeju in South Korea, in Tokyo and Kyoto and even Sapporo in Japan, and Chiang Mai and Bangkok Thailand as well as the beaches of Palau and the coral reefs in the Maldives.


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