Le Cordon Bleu wins right to teach culinary arts in Taiwan

Le Cordon Bleu wins right to teach culinary arts in Taiwan

Finally, after five years waiting and waiting for approval to set up classes to teach culinary arts in Taiwan, Le Cordon Bleu finally won approval on February 18, 2016, after an emergency meeting between the Labor Force Development Administration of the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Education.

Le Cordon Bleu’s master chef instructors as well as all foreigners had been prohibited from teaching technical arts in Taiwan.  They were only allowed to teach their native language as instructors of non-academic classes.  In other words, Le Cordon Bleu’s French master chefs who go to Taiwan were only permitted to teach the French language, not culinary arts.  The problem has been resolved on February 18, 2016.

Permission has been granted to allow 2 to 10 chefs to go to Taiwan to teach culinary arts.  Also, a total of 320 students can be recruited.


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