Taiwan’s nuclear waste

Taiwan’s nuclear waste disposal

On the first day of business of the new legislature on February 19, 2016, New Power Party’s legislator Huang Kuo-chang asked about Taiwan’s nuclear waste storage problem and demanded that the government remove the nuclear waste storage facility from the Lanyu Island in 2016.

On the same day, a self proclaimed “warrior to end rumors about nuclear energy”  criticized legislator Huang Kuo-chang’s statements, accusing him of being an anti-nuclear energy politician backed by special interest groups, using scare tactics about health risks to con voters, blaming every legislative procedure on being “black box” operations.

This “warrior to end rumors about nuclear energy” is a contract researcher of the sustainable development group of the National Policy Research Foundation, theoretical physicist Huang Shih-hsiu, a graduate of the Imperial College London.

This freshman legislator Huang Kuo-chang also went head to head with a high ranking economic affairs official who accused the freshman legislator of knowing only the words in the law books but knows nothing about implementation.  Huang Kuo-chang studied law and served briefly as a law professor.

A female legislator of the Democratic Progressive Party demonstrated the meaning of liquefaction by sticking a finger into some mud she brought onto the set of a television talk show.

This is how low the intellectual caliber of Taiwan’s newly elected legislators is.  Taiwan’s legislature has party caucasuses and committees such as the national defense committee, the social welfare committee, etc.  whose members consist of the legislators themselves, and there are no panels of experts.

The committee members who are legislators are like the blind trying to figure out the shape of an elephant by touching only one part of the animal to make a generalized conclusion as to how an elephant should look like.

Taiwan’s legislature is like a house of dummies talking about things that they have absolutely no knowledge about and then making conclusions that are made into law.

Taiwan has missed out on so many good opportunities and refused so many good foreign investment offers, and dismantled so many outstanding efforts to develop its own defence capabilities that in a sense, Taiwan’s decline is its own damn fault.  The dumb laws that restrict development as passed by dumb legislators have kept Taiwan from internationalization and kept Taiwan mired in insularism.

What a damn shame!


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