Seven out of ten fatal cancer cases are related to PM2.5 pollution in Taiwan

Seven out of ten fatal cancer cases are related to PM2.5 pollution in Taiwan

A puzzling phenomenon has been happening in Taiwan.  In recent years, more and more non-smokers have been dying from lung cancer.  Among females who have died from lung cancer, 90% of them did not smoke, and among males who have died from lung cancer, 40% of them did not smoke.  It is therefore suspected that PM2.5 pollution may be the culprit.  According to doctor Hsieh Yi-ru of the Tainan Chimei Medical Center, of Taiwan’s ten major fatal cancer diseases, seven are closely related to air pollution.

The sources of PM2.5 pollution on Taiwan come from dust clouds that originate in western China,  Chinese mainland’s industrial pollutants, the burning of biomass in Southeast Asian countries, industrial pollution from Japan and South Korea.  These pollutants are carried by weather fronts to Taiwan.


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