At least some Europeans are waking up

At least some Europeans are waking up to the evils of the Chinese Communist mainland regime

China’s industrial overcapacity is damaging the global economy.  This is what president of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China Joerg Wuttke, European Union trade commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem, and Luxembourg based ArcelorMittal all conclude.

This merely echoes what I have been saying and pointing out all along, that the Chinese mainland regime’s trade is detrimental to the global trade and economy and the global currency markets and stock markets.

South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, and many European countries that have trade relations with the Chinese Communist regime’s mainland have suffered tremendous losses rather than gains.

The way to deal with the bullying Chinese Communist regime is to restrict its exports and restrict its imports of sensitive foreign technologies and products, deny Chinese Communist mainland’s participation in free trade agreements, ban all Chinese mainland tourists from traveling abroad, strip the veto power of the regime in the UN Security Council.

Keep the damn uncivilized Chinese mainland tourists inside the Chinese mainland.  Le them destroy their own tourist attractions, not the pristine environment of South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Chiang Mai Thailand, etc.

The only way to stop the uncivilized Chinese mainland tourists from peeing in tea gardens and on the streets of Tokyo is to ban them from traveling abroad.

The only way to stop the Chinese mainland from dumping their cheap products in the international markets is to severely restrict or stop importation of Chinese mainland goods altogether and promote one’s own local production.

Question:  Why does European companies such as Luxembourg based ArcelorMittal not be able to make money?  It is because of the damn importation of the damn cheap Chinese mainland products.


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