How a 2003 murder case was solved in 2014

How a 2007 murder case was solved in 2014

This is a curious story of how a 2007 murder of a 3-year-old little girl by her own father was solved in 2014.

In 2014, a boy born in 2007 told his teacher at school:  “My elder sister was kept under an altar table and she starved to death, and my father threw her away.”  The teacher immediately told the police.  An investigation was launched, and the boy’s father was investigated.

In 2013, a woman dreamt of a little girl covered with blood and crying.  The little girl in the dream asked:  “Mama, Mama, why do you not want me?”  The woman realized that the little girl in the dream was her daughter she had from her brief 2003-2004 marriage, and that after divorce, the hunband took custody of the little girl.  Based on the dream, the woman went to the police, to the household registrar’s office and to the schools to find out the whereabouts of the little girl but all to no avail.  The police could not launch an investigation based on merely a dream.

The 2014 investigation of the father revealed that in August, 2007, his 3-year-old daughter from his previous brief marriage peed in bed.  He got angry and beat the little girl to death.  Then he stuffed her body in a blue suitcase and buried it next to a temple.

There are two curious circumstances in this story that defy logic.

First, the little 3-year-old girl was murdered in August, 2007.  The birth mother had the dream about a little girl covered in blood and crying in 2013, and the dream gave her the feeling that something had happpened to her daughter.

The story the boy told his teacher at school about his elder sister being kept under an altar table, and starving to death, and that his father threw her body away was not actually what happened.  Only temples have altar tables.  The murdered little girl was stuffed in a blue suitcase and buried next to a temple.

The boy turns out to be the first son of the father’s second marriage in 2007.  The “elder sister” was the daughter of the brief 2003-2004 marriage.  In 2007, the murdered little girl was 3 years old.  The boy who told the story would have been born in 2007, at most 8 months before the murder occurred.  How would an 8-month old baby be cognizant enough to know it had an elder sister.  The mention of an altar table is also curious.

Both the woman’s dream of her daughter covered with blood and crying and the story the boy told his teacher contain elements that are more spiritual than factual.  Yet, these spiritual elements have provided sufficient clues for the murder to be solved.


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