Justice! But what kind of justice?

Justice! But what kind of justice?

A Hong Kong scholar referred to the so-called “riot” by the so-called “radical separatists” who call themselves Hong Kong Indigenous as young students seeking “shi` dai zheng yi” while the radical legislators of the Democratic Progressive Party on Taiwan have launched a vicious campaign under president-elect Tsai Ing-wen’s call for “tsuan hsing cheng yi”.

“Shi` dai zheng yi” means “generational justice”, and “tsuan hsing cheng yi” means “transformative justice” or “transformational justice”, i.e., “historical revisionism”.

“Generational justice” refers to “justice” sought by the youths of Hong Kong by rebelling against the Chinese Communist regime’s intentional political and cultural erosion of Hong Kong’s political and cultural traditions.  According to the Hong Kong scholar who used the term “generational justice”, it also refers to Taiwan’s Sunflower Student protests against the “black box” operations of the government run by the older generation of government leaders.

“Transformative justice” or “transformational justice”, i.e., “historical revisionism” currently going on in Taiwan even before Tsai Ing-wen’s inauguration is a very ugly, vicious, vindictive, political vendetta.  It is politically vindictive “revisionism”.

This “transformative justice” has already brought about fear among many people on Taiwan who now refer to it as “Green terror”.  “Green” is the color of the Democratic Progressive Party’s color symbol.  Some people on Taiwan are now saying that under Tsai Ing-wen’s “transformative justice”, Taiwan “is now becoming like North Korea” under this “Green terror”.

Both the youths of Hong Kong and on Taiwan have been seeking “justice”.  Both can be described as seeking “generational justice”, and the common theme is rebelliousness against established authoritarianism.

In Hong Kong, the rebellious youths call themselves the Hong Kong Indigenous Democratic Front.  In Taiwan, the Democratic Progressive Party and the radical Taiwan independence advocates consider themselves “indigenous”, and the DPP is described as the “indigenous political party”.

Underlying both Hong Kong’s rebelliousness described as seeking “generational justice” and Taiwan’s “transformative justice” is “radical separatism”.

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