Influenza B, foot pain and walking difficulty

Influenza B, foot pain and walking difficulty

Currently, Taiwan has an equal number of influenza A and influenza B patients.  Over the past three years, Taiwan has not had many influenza cases, but in 2016, four types of influenza have been making children and seniors sick.  Hospitals are now overwhelmed, and there has been a severe shortage of hospital beds for influenza patients.

At the beginning of 2016, 30% of influenza patients suffered from influenza B, and the major strain has been influenza A up to February 6, 2016, when the numbers of both A and B influenza cases reached half and half.

According to reports, a mother told the doctors that her child could not walk after getting out of bed in the morning.  The child was diagnosed as having influenza B.  Other cases have also been noted.  Children who complained about foot pain and having difficulty walking have been diagnosed as having influenza B.

Influenza B also carries the risk of muscular inflammation and kidney damage.


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