Why skinny Asians get type II diabetes

Why skinny Asians get type II diabetes

This has been a puzzle to doctors.

Since 2006, diabetes has been among the top five causes of death among the Taiwanese people.  In Asia, only 20% to 30% of diabetics are obese.  The majority of Asian diabetics are not fat but skinny.

Taiwan’s National Health Research Institute at the Taichung Veterans Hospital spent five years studying 100 diabetics.  Its research found that malfunction of the MAP4K4 enzyme containing gene causes T lymphocytes to become overly active, secreting a large number of inflammatory cells that trigger insulin resistance, blood sugar to rise, and the onset of type II diabetes.

MAP4K4 is mitogen activated protein kinase kinase kinase kinese 4, an enzyme encoded by the MAP4K4 gene.

In other words, externally induced damage to the cell containing the MAP4K4 enzyme is recognized by the T lymphocytes as a foreign cell and attack it.  The spent T lymphocytes become inflammatory and trigger insulin resistance resulting in a rise in blood sugar and type II diabetes.



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