To learn Chinese culture, Taiwan is better than China

To learn Chinese culture, Taiwan is better than China

So say foreign students studying in Taiwan.

Taiwan University along with Normal University, Taipei Science University, Tamkong University, Chinese Culture University, and Chungyuan University are now recruiting students in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam for the 2017 academic school year. The goal is to recruit 300 foreign students.  In 2015, Taiwan University alone recruited 40 foreign students.

The Hanoi Taiwan Education Center is holding its 2016 Taiwan Higher Education exhibition in Hanoi.  The center was established jointly by the Uiversity of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Hanoi National University and Taiwan’s Wenchao Foreign Languages University.  The Taiwan higher education exhibition that opened in Hanoi on March 20, 2016, represents 37 Taiwanese universities and one high school. The exhibition will also be held in Haiphong and in the province of Thai Nguyen in Vietnam, to attract Vietnamese high school students to pursue a university education in Taiwan.

The head of Taiwan’s Executive Yuan Chang Shan-cheng attended the Taiwan OpenStack Applications Hackathon on March 20, 2016, to present the winner’s award.  He hopes that Taiwan’s universities will offer classes in OpenStack applications software for cloud computing.  Such teaching programs will help Taiwan produce upstream talent and downstream applications.  He says that if knowledge and skills in OpenStack applications software for cloud computing is not acquired, Taiwan will be handicapped in the development of cloud computing software development.

The University of Hong Kong student recruiting team was in Taipei recruiting Taiwanese students who had achieved high scores in the 2016 Taiwan college and university aptitude exam.  Saudi Arabia and Singapore have also been recruiting Taiwanese academic talent to work and teach in their countries.

According to foreign students studying in Taiwan, the study environment is good, the quality of education is high, and educational institutions enjoy academic autonomy.

Taiwan’s ministry of education holds regular foreign student recruitment events and exhibits to attract foreign students to go study Chinese language and attend  universities in Taiwan.



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