Curious symptoms of Burkitt’s lymphoma

Curious symptoms of Burkitt’s  lymphoma

A 36-year-old man named Lee suffered from lower back pain, periodontal disease, nosebleeds, numbness of the lips at the beginning of 2015.  He sought treatment for three months without relief.  Various diagnoses indicated periodontal disease, nasal allergy, trigeminal nerve pain, pain in the lower jaw, lower jaw gum swelling, blood clotting under the skin of the limbs.

According to a doctor Li Dian-kun at the blood tumor department of the Taichung Tzu Chi Buddhist Hospital, a blood test showed malignant cells in the blood, indicating possible acute blood cancer.  A bone marrow exam showed many cancerous cells and an overly low blood platelet count.  Cancer cells were also found circulating in the patient’s lymphatic system.  He was finally diagnosed as having malignant Burkitt’s lymphoma. High doses of chemotherapy were administered and the cancerous cells have now disappeared.

Burkitt’s lymphoma, known also as Burkitt tumor, malignant lymphoma, is cancer of the lymphatic system with B lymphocytes found in the germinal center.


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