Temporary leg paralysis and low potassium

Temporary leg paralysis and low potassium

A 27-year-old male suffered from heart palpitations, weight loss, and one day, he woke up with temporary leg paralysis.  He thought he had a stroke, however, doctors found that he suffered from low blood potassium, and they said low blood potassium contributed to his partial paralysis.

According to a research team of the Tri-services General Hospital, the National Defense Medical School and the Academia Sinica on Taiwan, the patient was found to have the long non-coding RNA CTD-2378E21.1 gene that affected the potassium ion pathways of the muscle cells.  CTD stands for C-terminal domain.

The remedy for low blood potassium includes taking oral potassium supplements, eating more bananas and less foods containing natural iodine such as seaweed.

There has also been a study conducted in Shanghai on the role of circulating long non-coding RNAs in tumor biology and the role of circulating long non-coding RNAs as predictors of tumor-genesis.


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