Marathon in Hell!

Marathon in Hell!

The March 20, 2016, Qingyuan city marathon in Guangdong province had 20,000 participants.  During the marathon, 12,000 runners were injured, including 9,838 runners who suffered cramps, 1,743 runners who suffered twisted ankles, 306 who suffered from exhaustion, 194 who suffered bruises, 107 who had stomachaches, and 20 runners fainted.

The sponsors distributed bars of soap packaged like fruit candy.  The image of grapes was printed on the packaging and the bars of soap were purple like pieces of candy.  They were labeled “Fruity Soap”.  Some runners thought they were given candy so they ate the pieces of soap.

What a big joke!

To me, all those who even patronize Chinese mainland events such as this damn marathon in Hell are putting oneself and others in harm’s way.

Come to think of it, the Chinese Communist mainland and its damn regime are not qualified to hold any kind of marathon event because of it severe air pollution, they are not qualified to hold any kind of historical conference because of the regime’s distortion of historical facts and the denial of freedom of expression and academic study, they are not qualified to hold any kind of economic conference because of the regime’s failure to fix the Chinese mainland’s own economy.

Li Keqiang, the Chinese Communist regime’s premier, reiterated the “one China” principle, the “1992 consensus” and that “people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait are of one family” at the Boao conference, which is supposed to be an economic conference, NOT a damn political conference!


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