Burn the Red stained books!

Burn the Red stained books!

Apparently a radical Hong Kong autochthon of a radical indigenous group called the “Hot blooded citizens” is calling upon the people of Hong Kong to forcibly remove all books printed in simplified Chinese characters from Hong Kong’s public libraries, throw them into trash bins and burn them.  These books printed in simplified Chinese characters used on the Chinese Communist mainland are referred to as “Red stained books”.

It is said that from 2006 to 2016, 600,000 books printed in simplified Chinese characters have been purchased by the Hong Kong libraries and placed on display amid books printed in classical Chinese characters.  The books in simplified Chinese characters contain a lot of Chinese Communist propaganda phrases and political terms that are considered to be  “ideologically poisonous” to the younger generation of readers.

Sadly, only a minority of internet commentators supports the action.  And sadly, this is “politics with no common sense”.

[Master Chen Says]  The expression “politics with no common sense” comes from a title of an article published by a Taiwanese commentator on April 3, 2016, “Taiwan’s politics with no common sense”.  The article talked about Taiwan’s recent insider trading scandal of the head of the Academia Sinica.  The article is a rather trashy comment and unworthy of any mention.  However, its title aptly describes the response to the call to trash the ideologically poisonous books printed in simplified Chinese characters that have infiltrated into Hong Kong’s libraries and elementary schools and even Hong Kong’s television programs.

The other warning of the efforts by the Chinese Communist regime to politically stain Hong Kong society is presented by the movie “Ten Years” that won the current movie award in Hong Kong.

Have the people of Hong Kong awaken to the Communization of Hong Kong society?


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