Please don’t remove the Hello Kitty antimacassar!

Please don’t remove the Hello Kitty antimacassar!

On March 21, 2016, the first Hello Kitty themed passenger train began its Taipei-Taitung run.  Hello Kitty antimacassars decorated the seats.  Of the 376 antimacassars, 202 disappeared when the train arrived at its destination.  On March 25, 18 more antimacassars were taken and on March 27, 8 more were taken, making a total of 328 being taken.  Both the TRA (Taiwan Railway Administration) and the Taitung county government’s civil affairs department conducted an anti-theft campaign, urging passengers not to remove the antimacassars from the seats.  Apparently, the campaign was successful.  On April 2, 2016, all 370 of the antimacassars remained on the seats.

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