The 24th ASCVTS conference

The 24th ASCVTS conference

The 24th Asian Society for Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery (ASCVTS) conference April 6-10, 2016, at Taipei’s International Convention Center invited vice president-elect Chen Chien-ren to speak on April 9, 2016.

Vice president-elect Chen says that he wants to make Taiwan into the center for research and development of the biotech industries for the Asia and Pacific.

He says that Taiwan is very advanced in heart transplant, in endoscopy, in stenting n arteries, and in ECMO.

ECMO is extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.  It is an extracorporeal life support system that provides cardiac and respiratory support for patients with heart and lung failure.

[Master Chen Says]  Indeed, ECMO is widely available in all major hospitals in Taiwan.

It is reported that 1,800 medical experts from 33 nations are attending the Taipei conference.


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