Indian officers learn to speak Mandarin

Indian officers learn to speak Mandarin

Twenty-five Indian intelligence officers graduated from a three-week intensive Chinese language course on April 8, 2016, taught by Taiwan’s Ching Hua University at the Taiwan Education Center set up at the O.J. Jindal Global University’s Jindal School of International Affairs in Haryana, India.

This is the second course for Indian intelligence officers conducted by Taiwan’s Ching Hua University upon request by the Indian government.  The Indian officers had learned to read and write some Chinese but were unable to speak it.  After the three-week intensive Chinese language course, they were able to speak relatively fluently and deal with situations involving the use of conversational Mandarin.

The course utilized video and simulated situational encounters to provide communication experience with Chinese Communist mainland officials.

Vice chancellor C. Raj Kumar and Dean of the Jindal School of International Affairs Dr. Sreeram Sundar Chaulia praised the achievements of the Mandarin language course.

India and the Chinese Communist mainland have diplomatic relations but India does not have formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan.  The Chinese Communist regime on the Chinese mainland is considered the enemy of the former Kuomintang and the Democratic Progressive Party and over 90% of the people on Taiwan.

In other words, the enemy of the Chinese Communist regime is teaching India, a supposed friend of the Chinese Communist regime, how to deal with the Chinese Communist regime by teaching Indian intelligence officers the language used by the Chinese Communist regime.



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