Confrontational diplomacy

Confrontational diplomacy

It is time to practice confrontational diplomacy or Cold War diplomacy.  JFK’ Cuban Crisis comes to mind.

Only a threat of retaliation and annihilation will stop the bully’s aggression.  It should be practiced against North Korea, against China in the East China Sea, across the Taiwan Strait, and in the South China Sea.

Aggressive building up of the artificial islands, the placement of a light house, the deployment of military hardware on any of these small artificial islands, and the drilling for oil in the Bay of Tonkin by that Chinese Communist regime’s oil rig should all be stopped by removing them with military force.

If Vietnam really wants to assert its maritime sovereignty, then Vietnam should immediately bomb and destroy that damn Chinese Communist oil rig.

If no military action is taken in the South China Sea to destroy the buildup of the artificial islands, the Chinese Communist regime will soon have control of the South China Sea’s navigational lanes as well as its air defense identification zone.

Appeasement and observation do not stop a bully.  A bully can only be stopped by being bullied back.

Armed patrol boats of the Vietnamese and the Indonesian coast guards and navies should sink a few Chinese Communist “ocean defense patrol boats” as well as all the “Chinese fishing boats” that are fishing in the territorial waters of all Southeast Asian countries and destroying the rare marine species and the coral reefs.

It is time to implement confrontational diplomacy, sink a few artificial islands built by the Chinese Communist regime, blast all of the Chinese oil rigs from the South China Sea and the East China Sea, and strip the veto power of the Chinese Communist regime in the UN Security Council.


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