How Taiwanese view the death penalty

How Taiwanese view the death penalty

This survey by Taiwan’s National Development Commission is significant because it polled 3,013 adults between April 12-17, 2016, with a margin of error of only plus and minus 1.79%.

The survey found that 58.6% are adamantly opposed to eliminating the death penalty, 29.3% are not inclined to eliminating the death penalty.  The main reason is the belief that the elimination of the death penalty will worsen social safety and security, and potential criminals will have no fear in committing crimes.  There are 5% who favor eliminating the death penalty, saying that the death penalty will not effectively halt crime.  The death penalty also violates human rights and that the government has no right to deprive citizens of their right to life.

There are 82% who believe the death penalty can deter crime in Taiwan, 10.9% believe the death penalty will not deter crime in Taiwan.

As to revising the laws to commute all death penalty cases to life imprisonment without parole, 68.7% disagree, and 25.3% agree.

As to mandating the death penalty for all criminals who kill children and who commit random killings, 83.6% agree and 10.3% disagree.

Someone has suggested that Taiwan should adopt flogging as a form of punishment as it is in Singapore and Muslim dominated Southeast Asian nations.

On April 20, 2016, a thief who stole a golden statue from a Taoist temple was caught, and the temple caretaker punished the thief by beating him with a long pole before the police arrived.


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