Taiwan has about 170,000 dementia patients

Taiwan has about 170,000 dementia patients

Taiwan’s dementia association estimates that in the next 50 years, Taiwan will have an increase of 38 new dementia patients per day.  This is due to the rapid aging population.  According to a researcher at the biomedical sciences research institute of the Academia Sinica, good habits can reduce the onset of dementia by reducing middle age obesity, middle age hypertension, middle aged diabetes, depression, high cholesterol, vascular diseases and external brain injuries and trauma.

The researcher recommends consuming more fish, more whole grains, more vegetables and more fruits, and appropriate amount of alcoholic beverages daily.  It is recommended that 60 cc of hard liquor or 2 cans of beer would be appropriate for males and half that amount for women.

The recommendation to consume an appropriate amount of alcoholic beverages such as hard liquor, wine and beer is based on the idea that alcoholic beverages stimulate blood circulation.


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