Taiwan has 23,503,349 people

Taiwan has 23,503,349 people as of midnight, May 31, 2016.

Taiwan’s population reached its 23rd millionth person, a boy, was worn at 1:50:56 p.m. on July 23, 2008.

It is predicted that in 2018-2019, Taiwan’s population will begin a negative growth.

Taiwan’s population increase from the end of July, 2008, to the end of May, 2016, was 500,000 people.

The seven-year itch is now the five-year itch.  In 2015, 53,000 couples divorced in Taiwan.  In 2006, 64,000 couples divorced in Taiwan.  In 2015, a statistical average daily divorce number is 146.4 couples.  Among them, couples with less than 5 years of marriage constitute 33%, and couples with 5 to 9 years of marriage constitute 20.8%.

The divorce rate among couples who are both Taiwanese citizens decreased by (-) 17.7% from 2005 to 2015.  The divorce rate among couples one of whom is from the Chinese mainland, from Hong Kong or from Macau decreased by (-) 10% from 2005 to 2015.  The divorce rate among couples one of whom is a foreign bride from a Southeast Asian nation increased (+) 15.4% from 2005 to 2015.

In 2015, Taiwan’s gender ratio was 1.083, or 108.3 male babies to 100 female babies.

On Taiwan, grandmothers still hold on to the traditional preference for boys, but low salary, stress at work and long working hours have contributed to a reduced desire to have children.



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