Why the UN and the WHA must be abolished

Why the UN and the WHA must be abolished

The fact that the WHA under the WHO of the UN insists on referring to Taiwan as “Chinese Taipei”, an utterly ugly and fake designation based entirely on political lies of the bullying Chinese Communist regime, and the fact that Taiwanese passport holders are barred from entering UN premises, are utterly shameful practices perpetuated by that damn UN secretary general, the damn South Korean Ban Ki Moon.

In contrast, the Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection conference of the European Union, held on May 25-27, 2016, in Brussels, Belgium, on “the treating of large scale burn victims” was attended by two plastic surgeons from the Taiwan University Hospital and the Chang Geng Hospital as well as one official from the Taiwan health and welfare ministry.  The Taiwanese delegation was recognized as “Taiwan” and the flag of the Republic of China was also recognized at the meeting.

In Europe, the death rate of burn victims following terrorist attacks has been 20% to 60%.  The June 27, 2015, Formosa Fun Coast water park color dust explosion caused 499 severe victims, but the death rate was 3%.

The United Nations under that damn Ban Ki Moon has been hijacked by those who represent all the repressive and dictatorial regimes that perpetuate violence against women, reporters, that kill doctors and health workers, that stone women to death and kill people of different gender preferences, and children who want to learn and want to go to school.

Disband the United Nations since it does not represent the democratic values of advanced nations but only the politically biased lies and distorted values of amoral regimes.

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