Police phone call

Police phone call:  “Your dad is severely injured and is at the hospital.”

When a man received the phone call, his dad was at home sitting on the living room sofa.  How is it possible that “my dad is sitting in front of me and you say my dad is severely injured and is in the hospital?” the man responded with utter surprise.

The police said that apparently “your dad was riding his motorcycle and got into an accident. Your dad was severely injured and was taken to the hospital.”

Well, 87-year-old dad did ride his motorcycle to visit a local temple.  He did not remove the ignition key when he left his motorcycle outside and walked into the temple.  When he reemerged, he could not find his motorcycle.  So he decided to walk home.  The motorcycle was apparently stolen by a young man who rode it away but half an hour later, got into an accident and was severely injured.  The young man soon died.  It was only then that the hospital was able to verify that the young man had actually stolen the motorcycle of the 87-year-old man.  The police phone call was based on the motorcycle’s license plate registration, and the police assumed that the person who was riding the motorcycle at the time of the severe accident was the owner of the vehicle.  The mistaken identity seemed a to be an obviously unbelievable mystery until the motorcycle thief, now dead, was identified.



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