Ugly Taiwanese

Ugly Taiwanese

Because of one woman’s verbal bullying, verbal abuse and verbal attack on two Chinese mainland veterans in their 70s and 80s in public, Taiwan and its people have instantaneously lost all their dignity and all other people’s respect for them.

The Taiwanese people are now truly despicably ugly!

It is extremely heartbreaking and extremely painful for many to watch repeated telecasts of the public bullying by that despicable woman on a bus and in a park.

Why has Taiwan’s freedom of speech and democracy turned the Taiwanese people into such ugly and despicable inhumane beings?  Why?

President Tsai Ing-wen’s campaign slogan to “Light up Taiwan!” has now been utterly extinguished, only 21 days in government by that despicable woman’s ugly provincial racism.

By continuing to allow such hate speech, Taiwan has absolutely no future.  Its so-called “freedom” and “democracy” have already become tainted by condoning such hatred.  Its “freedom” is “dark and evil” and its “democracy is ugly”.

Taiwan has been utterly disgraced by that one woman’s act of hateful verbal bullying.

The development of Taiwan’s democracy experienced much strife with massive street protests and several student movements including the White Lilly student movement, and the Sunflower student movement.  They are now milestones in the maturation of Taiwan’s democracy.  The new chief cabinet minister Lin Chuan’s political decision to withdraw charges of illegal entry and destruction of public property and resisting arrest against 126 of the students by claiming that their illegal actions were politically motivated and thus can be excused has reversed Taiwan’s progress towards democracy.

The new DPP government’s retrogressive policies and reversal of campaign promises have met with tremendous backlash and have all backfired.  Under the new DPP government, Taiwan’s democracy is already being hijacked by the hidden radicalism of the DPP.

Taiwan’s democracy is not guided by morality.  Taiwan’s democracy does not have any moral conscience.

Taiwan’s democracy has turned out to be a democracy without any moral conscience, and the people of Taiwan who tolerate such hate speech and provincial racism, have turned out to be without a conscience.

Is such a democracy worth preserving?



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