What the Taiwanese have lost

What the Taiwanese have lost

The vice chairman of the Kuomintang Hao Lung-bing said on June 12, 2016, that the Taiwanese people must recover the sympathy, the gratefulness, the tolerance, the spirit of mutual trust and mutual help they used to have and now they have lost.  They now lack goodwill, tolerance and inclusiveness, and universal love.

Why is animosity and why is hostility between different groups of people on the rise when the different groups all have “black hair, brown eyes, and yellow skin?”  The differences are only the places they were born and the dialects they speak.  Nothing else among them is different.

Why is animosity and why is hostility between groups of people of the same culture and the same ethnicity on the rise?  Why is it that animosity and hostility have grown to a point where laws are now necessary to stop hatred and discrimination and provincial racism among compatriots?

It has been said that “the most beautiful scenery on Taiwan is its people”.  Yet, after only 24 days in government, President Tsai Ing-wen’s new DPP government’s cabinet ministers have all failed to show any leadership, any decisiveness, any sympathy for the people’s needs, they have failed to answer to the wishes of the people who elected their new DPP government and the new president Tsai Ing-wen, and they have reneged on all of the campaign promises of Tsai Ing-wen and the DPP.  They are arrogant, the chief cabinet minister Lin Chuan and his cabinet ministers have failed to communicate with DPP’s own legislators, the cabinet itself is in chaos, and within 24 days, there have been too many ugly incidents that the new ministers have utterly failed to respond to, including the failure by the minister of health and welfare to mention “Taiwan” at the WHA meeting and his use of the derogatory term “Chinese Taipei”, Taiwanese students being barred from attending the ILO meeting, the massive Dragon Boat Festival holiday traffic jam, the flooding of the Taoyuan Airport Terminal, the cutting off of the water supply to the terminal for 7 hours that caused fecal matter to overflow and the entire terminal building was permeated with the ugly smells of urine and feces, and the ugliest of all, the verbal abuse, verbal bullying and the verbal attack on senior veterans in their 80s who speak Chinese mainland dialects by a lone woman with a video camera.

Entire families, many of them of Chinese mainland ancestry, cried when the video posted by this ugly and despicable woman was telecast on local Taiwanese television.

Overall sadness and great anger are expressed in response.

Indeed, the “people of Taiwan” who have been “the most beautiful scenery on Taiwan” have become the ugliest of all of Taiwan’s scenery just because of one despicable woman’s verbal abuse, verbal bullying and verbal attack on old veterans who walk with canes.

In talking about the animosity, hostility and hatred between groups of people in Taiwan, one commentator pointed out that any action that relies on the distortion of history will eventually end up causing serious consequences.  The Democratic Progressive Party has for a long time been creating fake history and false history.  It is now paying the price for such lies.  Yet, its “transformative justice” is centered on political struggle.  The dog (DPP) is biting the hand (KMT) that has been feeding it.

This is why a television talking head just said on June 13, 2016, that “the people on Taiwan are now like dogs that lost their homes and cannot find a master”.

Indeed, where have the sympathy, the gratefulness, the tolerance, the spirit of mutual trust and mutual help, the goodwill, the inclusivity, the love of fellow human beings, of the Taiwanese people gone?

Indeed, the people of Taiwan, supposedly the most beautiful scenery on Taiwan, have been turned into the ugliest scenery of Taiwan by one despicable woman, her rants, and her verbal abuse, verbal bullying and verbal attack on three old veterans who walk with canes.

The reaction of those who viewed the telecast incident is profound sadness and deep anger.  Entire families cried.

The so-called “democracy” of the new government of Taiwan’s first female president Tsai Ing-wen has made entire families cry!

Taiwan’s first female president, Tsai Ing-wen, and her new DPP government, have made entire families cry!

Entire families cried because of Taiwan’s insensitivity to provincial racism and provincial discrimination that have been the foundation of the hooligan political campaigns conducted by the Democratic Progressive Party to gain political power, supporters and voters.

It is truly sad that Taiwan’s “democracy” has turned out to be so ugly.

More and more Taiwanese are now crying in despair and disillusionment, not cheering, the new government of the Democratic Progressive Party just 24 days in office.



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