Nearsighted and fat kids in Taiwan

Nearsighted and fat kids in Taiwan

Data released by the ministry of education on June 22, 2016, shows that 26.15% of elementary school first graders are nearsighted.   By sixth grade, the percentage of nearsighted kids will be 60%.  Taiwanese doctors say the blue light emitted by 3C electronic devices are very harmful to the eyes and eyesight.

The ministry of education data also shows that 29.0% of elementary school children are overweight and fat.  Among elementary school boys, 32.8% are overweight and fat, and among elementary school girls, 24.9% are overweight and fat.  Among junior middle school students, 28.8% are overweight and fat.  Among middle school boys, 33.1% are overweight and fat, and 24.2% of middle school girls are overweight and fat.


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