Child psychology explains new Taiwan government

Child psychology explains Taiwan government

Three statements about children who lie have reminded me how aptly they describe the behavior of the cabinet ministers of the new Tsai Ing-wen government.

(1)  When imagination and lies are mixed together.  The lofty campaign promises made by Tsai Ing-wen and her Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) candidates for legislator have all been reversed by now, 48 days in government.  The people now say they lied.

(2)  Telling lies to avoid responsibility.  The slow emergency response of the new cabinet ministers to the multitude of manmade disasters, not including the possible devastation by super typhoon Nepartak that hit Taiwan on July 8, 2016, could not be explained adequately except to say that “the new ministers do not have any sense of emergency”,  they are “arrogant”, and the new ministers and new DPP legislators are faulting Ying-jeou and his administration for all the mishaps of the new government, blaming the previous administration for the new government’s own negligence and irresponsible nonresponse to emergency situations, allowing civil disobedience and misbehavior on the part of protestors while not respecting nor honoring their own supporters.  The cabinet members as well as chief cabinet minister Lin Chuan lie to “correct” their misspoken statements.

(3)  Telling lies to win respect and envy.  Starting in 1992, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) used street demonstrations, Taiwan independence slogans and physical intimidation to “acquire” support of potential voters.  Now, some people say the DPP has lied during the election campaign to win votes for the January 16, 2016, general election.  DPP’s opposition tactics, both politically and physically in the legislature, helped the party bully their way towards political influence, actually, towards regaining political influence since the DPP’s 2008 election defeat.  Now that the DPP has returned to government, it seems that it   cannot easily give up the habit of telling lies to win political respect which it really never had.

The three aspects of children who lie out of imagination, children who lie to avoid responsibility, actually telling a lie for fear of the unpredictable and often  physically painful consequence of telling the truth, and children who lie to win respect and envy, and to acquire self esteem and praise by telling lies characterize the child-like behavior of the cabinet ministers of the new DPP government.  The DPP has not been a respected political party since its devastating defeat in the 2008 general election.


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