1.49% of babies born in 2015 in Taiwan are by teenage mothers

1.49% of babies born in 2015 in Taiwan are by teenage mothers

In 2015, 216,225 babies were born in Taiwan, and among them, 3,230 were born by teenage mothers under 20 years old.  Of the 3,230 babies born by teenage mothers, 3,162 were live births and 68 were still births, or 2.11% of the 2,230 babies born by teenage mothers.  There were 49 babies born by mothers who were younger than 15 years old, with the youngest mother only 12 years old.

Statistical average indicates that 8.8 babies per day are born by teenage mothers in Taiwan.

Perhaps the Taiwanese will have more time to make babies and alleviate Taiwan’s serious ageing problem now that a revision to article 36 of Taiwan’s basic standard labor law has  passed preliminary review on July 10, 2016, thus legally setting aside two days per seven days of rest.  That means, except for extreme disaster emergencies, nobody can be legally called on to perform emergency duty on those days, and all requests by company bosses to work on any of these two days and any attempt to compensate by exchanging work days will be illegal.

The industry and business associations have already indicated they are no longer even willing to “communicate” with the ministry of economic affairs which supports the government version of “one legal holiday and one flexible rest day” per week.  That means, only one day per week is considered a legal rest day while the other day is a flexible rest day.  This literally means that only Sunday is a legal non-working day.  Saturday is a flexible rest day to allow overtime work.

The revision that just passed through preliminary review on July 10, 2016, stipulates two legal non-working rest days per every seven-day week.  Thus, on legal non-working rest days, no overtime work can be allowed, and any attempt to force workers to work on any of these two days will be illegal.  This also means that no additional firefighters and no additional emergency personnel can be called on these two days even when faced with a major national disaster.






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