Enteroscopy for surgical weight reduction and diabetes

Enteroscopy for surgical weight reduction and diabetes

Minshen General Hospital in Taiwan offers several research and study programs to train doctors in enteroscopy for surgical weight reduction and diabetes.  The programs are administered by its enteroscopic surgery for weight reduction and diabetes center.

The hospital launched the center in 2003, and over the past ten years, it has performed 6000 weight reduction and diabetic metabolism surgeries.  Teams of medical experts from Japan, south Korea, the United States, Indonesia and Mongolia have attended the program.  Currently, the center provides clinical research and training courses of one month, six months and one year in duration.

Director of the Minshen General Hospital Wang Chuong-lang said on July 15, 2016, that since 2013, the clinical research and training courses have attracted 20 foreign surgeons and doctors from Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Kuwait, Egypt, India and Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Zachariah, an Indian doctor resident in Dubai, received the 2015 international researcher award for outstanding contribution.  In 2014, Dr. Abdullah Al Mulaifi of Kuwait received the award.


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