Treatment of underarm odor

Treatment of underarm odor

A female university graduate student in New Taipei City had been suffering from a serious case of armpit odor and excessive underarm sweating.

It is now known that the ABCC11 gene and mutation of the 370A pleiotropy of the EDAR gene originating in the primitive people of central China are related to the conditions.

According to dermatologist Lee Wan-ru of the Shuang Ho Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, genetic adaptation of the ABCC11 and that of the 370A EDAR gene are characteristic of the Han people of central China.

Underarm odor is not uncommon among younger Chinese females.  Their armpit apocrine glands are very active.  As a result, excessive underarm sweat mixed with the bacteria on the skin produce the strong odor.

The doctor says that the use of microwave thermolysis is a non-invasive treatment of both excessive armpit sweating and armpit odor.

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