Taiwan’s suicide statistics

Taiwan’s suicide statistics

In 2015, in general, suicide ranked 11th among all causes of death in Taiwan.

Among the causes of death of men, suicide ranked 10th and among the causes of death of women, suicide ranked 12th.

There were 3,675 suicide deaths in Taiwan in 2015.  Among them, 2,426 were men and 1,249 were women, a male to female ratio of 1.9 men to 1 woman.

Death by suicide rose among those 24 years old and younger, among 25-44 year olds, and among 45-64 year olds but dropped among those 65 years old and older.

It is said that the increased numbers of suicides among those under 65 years old are due to Taiwan’s declining political and economic environment.  The segment of Taiwan’s population below 65 years old is described as living in a “pressure cooker” environment.

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