Taiwan’s dead “people” are environmentally conscious too!

Taiwan’s dead “people” are environmentally conscious too!

Yeah, according to data made public by Taiwan’s interior ministry, at the end of 2015, Taiwan has 36 crematories, 192 cremation furnaces, and 157,000 cremations took place in that year, constituting 95.7% of all the dead that year, and an increase of 14% since 2005.

There were 9136 dead whose remains were buried in “environmentally friendly burials”, mostly under planted trees instead of grave sites with tombstones that take up otherwise useful land.

Taiwan has 54 funeral parlors, 257 funeral halls (rooms) that handled and conducted funeral services for 87,000 deceased.  There are 3108 public cemeteries occupying 9400 hectares of land.  In 2015, 10,000 deceased were buried in public cemeteries, or 5% of all the dead that year, a reduction by 8.8% from 2005.

There are 494 places [almost all of them inside Buddhist and Taoist temples] with 8,310,000 “memorial plaques”, and in 2015, 190,000 “memorial plaques” for the deceased were set up.   In 2015, 9136 deceased were buried under trees as “environmentally friendly natural burials”.

[Master Chen Says]  In Buddhist and Taoist temples and shrines, the families of the deceased make a contribution to acquire a “memorial plaque” inside so that family members can come to pay respects to the deceased on a regular basis.  The “memorial plaques” are placed on a wall, on the surface of a “drum” or on a “Christmas tree” tower.  The plaques are made from small rectangular shaped pieces of wood with the name of the deceased written on them.  These indoor “memorial plaque shrines” can be seen in most of the Buddhist and Taoist temples as well as the Yasukuni Shrine in Japan where war criminals are worshipped by right wing Japanese officials who deny Japan’s World War II atrocities, such as the newly appointed 57-year-old female Japanese defense minister Tomomi Inada.


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