Indications of kidney cell cancer

Indications of kidney cell cancer

A 57-year-old man suffered from a sudden onset of leg weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite, and a rapid loss of 10 kilos in weight, so he went to the Changhua Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare for a heath checkup.  An abdominal ultrasound check found a 10-centimeter malignant tumor in his left kidney.  He was in the third stage of kidney cell cancer.

A Changhua medical worker likes to go jogging.  His skin color darkened and he thought it was due to sunburn from outdoor jogging.  He also had a weight loss of 3 kilos within a relatively short period.  A doctor notices his darkened skin color and told him to get an ultrasound check.  The ultrasound check found a malignant tumor in his kidney.

Changhua Hospital’s urologist Chen Wen-min suggests getting an abdominal ultrasound health check every year to detect any sudden tumorous growth, especially if one has a sudden onset of fatigue and sudden weight loss.  They may be indications of kidney cell cancer and tumors in the kidney.


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