Man goes fishing and gets electrocuted

Man goes fishing and gets electrocuted

A 61-year-old man went fishing with a friend to the Chiguhsi river in Tainan on the early morning of August 14, 2016.  He used a 5.4-meter long fishing rod.  When he swung his rod, it hit a peeled section of the high power line overhead and he was immediately electrocuted.  He fainted, his heart and breathing stopped, and his friend rushed to perform CPR.  An ambulance was called and paramedics took him into the emergency vehicle and continued to perform CPA for another three minutes.  His heartbeat returned and he began to breathe again.  He also suffered burns on his right palm and on the right side of his waist.  The medics say that the electrical current must have entered through the palm while he was holding onto the fishing rod and exited from the right side of his waist.



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