Top ten cancer deaths in Taipei

Top ten cancer deaths in Taipei

This is a list of top ten cancer deaths in the city of Taipei in 2015.

(1)  lung cancer; (2) large intestinal cancer; (3) liver cancer; (4) breast cancer; (5)  prostate cancer; (6) stomach cancer; (7) cancer of the spleen; (8)  oral cancer; (9) Hodgkin’s lymphoma; and (10) ovarian cancer.

The top ten causes of death in Taipei are:  (1) cancer; (2) hear disease; (3) cerebrovascular disease; (4)  pneumonia; (5)  diabetes; (6) chronic lower respiratory disease; (7)  kidney inflammation; (8) high blood pressure; (9) septicemia, and (10) accidents.

In 2015, in the city of Taipei, 17,160 people died, including 5,025 cancer deaths.  The average age of death was 75.3 years old.


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