The older woman

The older woman

Marriage between an older woman and a younger man in Taiwan in 1997 was 14.6% of all marriages, but in 2015, this has increased to 18.2%.

In Japan, the percentage of marriages between an older woman and a younger man is 24.3% and in Hong Kong, the percentage of such marriages is 20.1%.

Sociology professor at Taiwan University Sun Chung-hsing says that love has nothing to do with age gap.

A theoretical calculation shows that assuming that a woman lives an average of 80 years and a man lives an average of 75 years old.  The difference is 5.  If the husband is older than the wife by n number of years, then if the husband dies, the woman becomes a widow and would live as a widow for n+5 number of years.  If the wife is older than her husband by n number of years, then it is highly probable that the woman will die in the same year as her husband.

In 2015 in Hong Kong, the number of marriages between an older woman and a younger man among that year’s newly weds was 20.1%.   In 1991, it was 15.6%.  The number of marriages between an older groom and a younger bride in 1991 constituted 77.8% of all newly weds that year.  In 2015, this percentage has dropped to 64.6%.  Only some 51,000 couples registered for marriage in Hong Kong in 2015, some 5,000 couples less or a 10% drop from 2014.  In Hong Kong, in 2014, the male-female gender ratio was 935 males to 1,000 females.  In 2015, there were 931 males to 1,000 females.  The median age of marriage of Hong Kong women is now 29.3 years old while the median age of marriage of Hong Kong men is now 30.2 years old.


In the city of Seoul, South Korea, in 2004, the number of marriages between an older woman and a younger man among that year’s newly weds was 12.3%.  In 2014, this number has risen to 15.8%.

In Singapore in 2015, 17.9% of newly weds that year or 28,300 couples who got married that year, were between an older woman and a younger man.  And among these couples of older brides and younger grooms, the age different was 3 years, i.e., the bride was 3 years older than the groom.


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