Oh beauty, beauty, how long does it last?

Oh beauty, beauty, how long does it last?

A 2016 survey of Taiwanese women about their attitude towards their looks show that 57% like their present looks, 33% think their face is “loose with dropping skin”, 32% say they have bags under their eyes, 26% say they have facial lines, 22% say they have a double chin, 19% say they have sagging chins.  In general, 73% say they have “facial problems” such as sagging, lines, a double chin, and a short chin, sagging corners of their mouth, and loose cheeks, and 66% say they have a “tired look”.

Of the women who are inclined towards having surgery to improve their looks, 50% want to acquire a “younger look”, 37% want to be “more attractive”, and 28% want to reduce “bagginess and sagginess”.

Taiwanese women begin to worry about their looks after they are 25 years old.

So, apparently, beauty lasts for 25 years.


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