Taiwan’s education exhibit in Ulaanbaatar

Taiwan’s education exhibit in Ulaanbaatar

In August and September each year, Taiwan holds a Taiwan Education Exhibit in Ulaanbaatar.  In 2016, nine Taiwanese universities are in Ulaanbaatar to recruit 300 Mongolian students by providing scholarships for them to pursue undergraduate, Master’s and doctoral degrees in Taiwan.  This year, president Otgonbat Barkhuu of Global Leadership University plans to cooperate with Taiwanese universities to set up a Chinese language teaching center at GLU, and plans to seek investment from and cooperation with Taiwanese concerns to participate in GLU’s newly established department of medicine and department of nursing.   GLU and Taiwan’s Ming Chuan University established a Mongolian-Taiwan Education Center in 2008.  The center selects 300 Mongolian students each year to pursue undergraduate and graduate degree studies in Taiwan.



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