Go to Taiwan to learn Chinese

Go to Taiwan to learn Chinese

As of 2016, 46 Taiwanese colleges and universities have subsidiary Chinese language teaching centers, and over the past ten years, an accumulative 132,189 foreign students have come to Taiwan to learn Chinese.

Taiwan teaches classical Chinese characters and Mandarin Chinese.

On September 20, 2016, the ministry of education opened its “global Chinese language education office” at the National Taiwan Normal University to challenge the Chinese Communist regime’s “Confucius Institutes” around the world at various foreign universities.  These so-called institutes teach simplified Chinese writing and serve as propaganda centers and mouthpieces of the Chinese Communist regime.  The have been accused of being political institutions and their courses have to be approved by their central office in Beijing.

Taiwan’s Chinese language teaching programs are provided by individual universities and the ministry of education serves only to provide scholarships and promotional activities in cooperation with these universities.  Many of Taiwan’s foreign Chinese language teaching classes are offered by Taiwan’s many private universities with innovative teaching methods, and the teachers themselves teach with a lively flair.  Taiwan’s Chinese language teaching programs are very refined with ample opportunities for student participation rather than the despotic and authoritarian teaching method practiced by the Chinese Communist run “Confucius institutes”.




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