Mid life crisis is getting younger

Mid life crisis is getting younger

The director of psychiatry at Tai An Hospital Hsu Cheng-tien, the director of psychiatry at Taipei Municipal United Hospital Liu Chung-hsien, and psychiatrist Chiu Yong-lin say that on Taiwan, the mid life crisis is getting younger.

Since 2008, the number of clinical cases due to mid life crises has increased by 20%.  On Taiwan, the mid life crisis is also referred to as the “crisis of the sandwiched generation” because in most cases, the middle aged bread earner has living parents and children.  They suffer from a sense of job insecurity and uncertainty, and more and more younger people are feeling the same.

The psychiatrists suggest defining or redefining one’s goals and seek the help of psychiatrists.

The classical symptoms of the mid life crisis are also being experienced by younger people:  insomnia, physical discomfort, complaining more, mental fatigue, anxiety about one’s job, apprehension about up start colleagues, thinking of quitting one’s job, a growing desire for luxury, making random stock buys, extramarital affairs, and alcohol abuse.


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