Yeah, woman passes out and forgets to commit suicide

Yeah, woman passes out and forgets to commit suicide

A woman was found on a beach near the northern end of Lovers’ Bridge in the Dragon and Phoenix Fishing Harbor in Southern Bamboo Township in Miaoli county, Taiwan.  Beside her were an empty bottle of liquor and an open bottle of a potent agricultural pesticide.

The police came and called an ambulance that took her to the Waygong Hospital.  The police thought the woman drank the liquor and then the pesticide to commit suicide.  The doctors however found only traces of alcohol in her blood but no traces of any pesticide.

Apparently the woman wanted to drink the liquor and then the pesticide but she got drunk and fell asleep, thus forgetting to drink the pesticide.  The doctors said, it is very fortunate that the woman could not tolerate alcoholic beverages well, and that she got drunk after drinking the liquor, and fell asleep on the beach before she touched the pesticide.


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