Ph.D. holders failed Taiwan postman’s test

Ph.D. holders failed Taiwan postman’s test

Taiwan’s postal service held a recruitment test in September.  Some 35,000 job seekers took the test, including 2,500 Master’s degree and Ph.D. holders.  Only 10% of them passed the initial written test, and all 15 Ph.D. holders failed.

One comment by an postal official described the Ph.D. job seekers as “good at research but poor in memory”.

The initial written test gave passing grades to 1,377 test takers and admitted another 1,871 reserve candidates.  The admission rate was 5.45%.

The second phase of the test is being conducted on October 15-16, 2016.  Candidates must be able to carry a postal load of 30 kilograms and run a back and forth course of 10 meters within 1 minute carrying the load for a continuous 12 rounds.


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