Ageing stats by family names

Ageing stats by family names

Traditionally, Han Chinese have some 100 family names, including Chen, Chang, Lee, Lin, Liu, Tsai, Wang, Wong (Huang), Wu, Yang.

On Taiwan, there are ten large family names:  Chen, Lin, Huang, Chang, Lee, Wang, Wu, Liu, Tsai and Yang, ranked in order of most numbers.  The Household registration department of the ministry of interior has developed an ageing index by family name to investigate which segment of the population is ageing the most rapidly.

The population of those with the family name “Liu” has an ageing index of 99.73, indicating that the number of seniors and the number of pre-teens of the same family name “Liu” are almost the same.  And the higher the index, the more serious the ageing among the group.

In June, 2016, the department’s data showed that Taiwan had 3,015,491 seniors and 3,162,311 pre-teens, and the general index of ageing was 95.36.

The total population of Taiwan is 23.5 million, and the population of people with the top ten most common family names of Chen, Lin, Huang, Chang, Lee, Wang, Wu, Liu, Tsai and Yang totaled 12,406,443, constituting 52.77% of the total population on Taiwan.

The number of people with the family name Chen in June, 2016, was 2,619,560, or 11.14% of the total population of Taiwan, the number of people with the family name Lin was 1,953,760, or 8.31% of the total population and the number of people with the family name Huang was 1,421,439, or 6.05% of the total population.

On Taiwan, there are 6,005 people who have exactly the same name.  Among males, 3,983 people have exactly the same name “Chen Guan-yu”, and among females, the name chosen by many is “Chen Yi-chun”.

On Taiwan, 96% of children have their father’s family name, and they number 22,513,263 people, constituting 95.77% of Taiwan’s total population.  On May 23, 2007, Taiwan’s civil law was revised to allow offspring to be given family names other than their father’s.




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