A cause of Williams syndrome

A cause of Williams syndrome

According to an explanation by some Taiwanese doctors about a case of Williams syndrome of a 12-year-old child who was physically weak at 8 months old, who had hyperacusia, phonophobia and nocturnal irritability at age 3, the cause of her Williams syndrome was due to the ingestion by the fetus in the womb of fecal matter that affected the fetus’ brain.

The child was unable to speak at age 3.  The mother, a music teacher, started singing instead of talking to the child, and the child started to learn to speak, progressing from suddenly uttering five-word sentences to seven-word sentences.  The child also learned to play some 100 tunes on the piano after hearing them for only a few times.  The mother is now an advocate of music therapy.  It is said that children with Williams syndrome have a love of music and have perfect pitch.


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