Mental perception and mental deception

Mental perception and mental deception

This pertains to the mental perception of reality and mental deception that completely replaces the perception of “reality” with delusion in a case of dual personalities.

There seems to be no other explanation except “replacement of perceived reality” to describe this case.  In other words, delusion or mental deception completely replaces the perception of actual reality.

The normal or healthy personality is mild, loving and gentle.  It recognizes and is aware of actual surroundings.  The normal personality is able to respond rationally.  It is very accepting of advice and receptive to good suggestion and advice.

The abnormal or psychosomatic personality is hateful, it is in complete denial of the surroundings, of circumstance and of reality.  This personality is verbally abusive, constantly denies wrong doing, it is deceitful and scheming, and engages in destructive behavior.  It is also capable of meticulous planning.  It does not recognize any physical dysfunction.  It may even be a complete denial of personal physical reality and surrounding reality and circumstance.  Actual physical dysfunction exhibited clearly by the normal personality seems not to be present with the abnormal psychosomatic personality.  The abnormal personality is unable to respond rationally.  Its responses have always been irrational and angry.  Its emotional expressions are hatefulness, anger and denial.  This abnormal personality is irrationally and verbally extremely abusive and  irrationally argumentative.

The two personalities respond to the statement that “you are crazy” in entirely different ways.  The normal personality stays silent without any response.  The abnormal personality responds immediately saying:  “I am not crazy.  It is you (the observer) who thinks I am crazy”.

Mischievous and destructive behavior and smiling are marks of this abnormal psychosomatic or alternate personality.  The normal personality does not engage in mischievous, destructive behavior, and the manner of smiling is different from the manner of smiling when the alternate personality manifests itself.

Inappropriate action is meticulously planned and executed during manifestation of the alternate personality.  Lies are told to disguise the planning and the execution of inappropriate action.  The normal personality does realize inappropriate behavior and action committed or perpetrated by the alternate personality but when such inappropriate action is pointed out, the alternate personality seems to be able to immediately respond with complete denial.  The alternate personality does not see any connection between  the consequence and the inappropriate action.  The normal personality is aware of the consequence.

The normal personality and the abnormal personality each has its own perception of what is reality.  The normal personality’s perception of actual reality is completely replaced by delusion which the abnormal personality believes is absolute “reality”.  It is in complete denial of actual reality.




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