Interaction between FOXP2 and MEF2C found to affect autistic language development

Interaction between FOXP2 and MEF2C found to affect autistic language development

It is known that the FOXP2 or Forkhead Box Protein 2 is required for proper development of language and speech.

Professor Liu fu-ching at the Neurosciences Research Institute at Yangming University used ultrasound to study the interaction between the FOXP2 and the MEF2C or Myocyte Specific Enhancer Factor 2C, a transcription factor in the family of factors including three isoforms from phosphorylation, sumoylation and acetylation.

It is found that mutation in the MEF2C damages the development of the cortical-subcortical feedback and affects the FOXP2C gene, leading to autistic language development.  It is also found that interaction between the FOX2 and the MEF2C adjusts and controls the cortical-subcortical feedback and the development of intelligent action.

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